From the Co-chairs

Dear Colleague,

As you are aware, the sophistication of imaging technologies in ophthalmology has increased rapidly in recent years with continuous refinement of image acquisition and analysis tools. For retina specialists and glaucoma specialists particularly, ophthalmic imaging has become an invaluable resource in the diagnosis, treatment guidance, and long-term monitoring of ocular diseases.  As innovation in ophthalmic imaging steadily advances, so too must the clinician’s understanding of best practices to optimize this technology for the benefit of patients.

In the spirit of inter-disciplinary education and exchange, we invite you to attend the inaugural Canadian Ophthalmic Imaging Symposium 2018 on May 5 in Montreal.  This event will bring together members of the retina and glaucoma communities who share an interest in new techniques and methods for imaging in the eye and their application to clinical ophthalmology.

We are developing a robust full-day program that will include plenary sessions featuring presentations from preeminent guest lecturers on the contemporary applications of ophthalmic imaging in the diagnosis and management of ocular disease. Complementary to the plenary sessions will be separate retina and glaucoma breakouts during which meeting delegates will discuss interesting and challenging cases using ophthalmic imaging in their own practices.

We believe you will find your experience at Canadian Ophthalmic Imaging Symposium 2018 to be informative and beneficial to your practice.  Your participation will certainly contribute to the success of our inaugural Meeting.


See you in Montreal!

Marcelo Nicolela, MD, FRCSC

Co-chair, Canadian Ophthalmic Imaging Symposium 2018

Arif Samad, MD, FRCSC

Co-chair, Canadian Ophthalmic Imaging Symposium 2018

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